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Wyatt Law Office

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Wyatt Law Office
Robert Wyatt

501 N. Walker Ave., Suite 110
Oklahoma City OK 73102
(405) 234-5500

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Fax: (405) 232-4556

Bob Wyatt, Trial Lawyer & Attorney

Please Call: 405.234.5500

Since 1989, Robert L. ("Bob") Wyatt has represented the "accused" in all types of felony criminal matters in Oklahoma state courts and federal courts nationwide (white collar and non-white collar). We provide quality legal counsel and pay attention to detail in all cases -- big or small. Our priority is to WIN, whether at trial or on appeal.

While some cases can be settled by a fair plea bargain, we don't "bleed 'em and plead 'em." We evaluate the facts and examine the law applicable to each case. We are NOT afraid to go to trial, and our trial results speak for themselves.  Our job is to 
defend the rights of our clients. The Wyatt Law Office in Oklahoma City provides legal advice and representation in criminal investigations, plea negotiations, trials and appeals.  We use only experienced attorneys in our law firm; therefore, you can trust the advice of your lawyers. (See Summary of Services below).

Wyatt's attention to detail and his successes have earned a listing in the prestigious publications  The Best Lawyers in America ® and Oklahoma Super Lawyers ®,  as well as recognition by the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association as one of the 2003 "Champions of Liberty."

September 20, 1989 - 2009

Both Bob Wyatt and the Wyatt Law Office have been AV ® Peer Review Rated by Martindale Hubbell Law Directory.  Also, because of his special experience in the defense of cyber crimes, Mr. Wyatt was recently interviewed by the National Law Journal (February 18, 2008).  One of Mr. Wyatt's trials was recently reviewed in Harvey Silverglate's new book, Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Targe the Innocent (New York, Encounter Books, 2009). 


Here is a sampling of our victories in state and federal courts. There are many other victories and many other cases where charges were avoided before being filed.  This is merely a representative sample of cases over the past few years. Results may vary in any given case because each case  must be decided on its own unique facts and the law applicable in that given case. 

•    Not Guilty verdict for Assault & Battery on Police Officer and Obstructing an Officer during a Felony Arrest.

Not Guilty
Verdict for Possession of Child Porn in federal court.

    Rape charge against member of U.S. Navy dismissed and case terminated after appeal to highest Oklahoma criminal court. 

    Department of Defense fraud charge avoided and investigation terminated.

    Social Security fraud charge avoided and investigation Terminated.

•    Tax fraud case dismissed after three years of litigation.

•    Airline pilot avoided sexual "touching"/child abuse charge and investigation terminated. 

•    State "child porn" charge dismissed because prosecution could not prove who possessed the images - even though client had prior conviction for possession of lewd images.

•    Rape charge against medical student dismissed because defense investigation proved "vicitm" lying.   

•    14-Count federal "child porn" indictment dismissed because of Fourth Amendment ("search") violaiton.  

•    Acquittal (Not Guilty) on 106 Counts of securities fraud & money laundering.

•    Forcible Sodomy Charge against foreign college student dismissed

•    Statutory rape ( sex with a minor child) charge dismissed.

•    Embezzlement charge dismissed after preliminary hearing.

•    State "child porn" charges
dismissed against college professor after preliminary hearing. 

•    Evidence suppressed in "DUI with Great Bodily Harm" and judge had to dismiss charges after preliminary hearing.

•    Not Guilty verdict in rape trial. 

•    Conviction reversed and sentence vacated in federal securities fraud case with orders to dismiss charges.

•    Not Guilty verdict in federal trial for Internet child solicitation & traveling across state lines for sex. 

•    "Seized money"
returned to client after forfeiture hearing. 

•    Ghost Employee (fraud) charge reduced to misdemeanor.

•    Health Care fraud conviction against two doctros
with orders to dismiss charges. 

Practice limited to litigation and appeals and matters generally related to criminal law. Civil actions (such as whistle-blower/qui tam, civil rights, and serious personal injury) are considered on a case-by-case basis. If we can't help you, we will try to refer you to an appropriate law firm.

Call 405-234-5500

or send your question to


Our representative clients include but are not limited to corporations and directors, "working" men and women, doctors, lawyers, politicians, pilots, funeral directors, law enforcement officers, investment advisors, venture capitalists, jewelers, postal employees, bankers, photographers, designers, students, engineers, professors, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc.


State Bar of Okla. does NOT recognize specialties.

My practice areas are:

Criminal Defense;
Federal Crimes;
White Collar Crimes;
Grand Jury Investigations;
Securities, Mortgage or Bank Fraud;
Mail or Wire Fraud;
Bribery & Public Corruption;
Computer & Cyber Crimes;
Tax Crimes;
Sex Crimes (rape, lewd molestation):
Pornography Crimes;
Drug Crimes;
Crimes of Violence (assault, murder, shaken baby, arson);
RICO (Racketeering);
Appeals & Post-Convcition;

Qui Tam (Whistle-blower Actions)

Please Call: 405.234.5500

Oklahoma City OK Criminal Defense Lawyer



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Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License Reckless Driving Assault
Breaking and Entering Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Larceny/Theft Kidnapping Drug Possession
Burglary Wire fraud Robbery
Carjacking Battery Perjury
Sexual assault Rape Sexual battery
Prostitution Trespass Manslaughter
Obscenity Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct
Criminal Sexual Conduct Criminal Confinement Conspiracy
DUI / DWI Intimidation Lewdness
Arson Possession of stolen property False Imprisonment
Forgery Tax Evasion Securities Fraud
Telemarketing Fraud Bribery Embezzlement
Insurance Fraud Money Laundering Indecent Exposure
Identity Theft Pyramid Schemes Fraud
Habitual Traffic Offender Extortion Stalking
Child Abuse Hate Crimes Homicide
First Degree Murder Second Degree Murder Voluntary manslaughter
Involuntary manslaughter Justifiable Homicide
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