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The Good and the Bad Regarding Hate Crimes - 2/21/2011

One of the newer types of crime to be entered into criminal law is the “hate crime.” These are crimes whose motivation is at least partially fueled by hatred towards a minority population, such as those of color or with alternative sexual preferences. ...

Conspiracies Are More Common Than You Might Think - 2/21/2011

In popular media and even on the nightly news, we're confronted with various conspiracies regularly. Often, they involve fantastic plots in which many hundreds of people are likely involved, yet manage to keep the whole thing under wraps and hidden from public view. ...

Insurance Fraud Becoming More Rampant - 2/21/2011

For the past year or so, it seems that many news stories about crime are covering insurance fraud. Many people, with the recession and hard times, are turning to cashing in on their insurance in order to make some money. ...

Political Money Laundering - 2/21/2011

Criminal charges against politicians for money laundering are almost never brought up. Usually, if charges do happen, they are against the people who paid into the campaigns of the politicians instead and rarely do the politicians have to give the money back. ...

Reckless Driving Becoming More Common Thanks to More Laws - 2/21/2011

Statistics are showing that reckless driving, a major moving violation, is becoming more and more common in the United States. This is often used as justification for creating new laws to “combat” the problem. ...

How Criminal Defense Works – Know Your Rights - 1/27/2011

Ask any defense attorney what their first piece of advice for a potential client would be and they will all answer with: “Do not talk to the police.” Why? Basic Miranda: anything you say (ANYTHING) can be used against you. Tell them your name, prove your identity, and say nothing more until your attorney is present – then let him do the talking. ...

Getting Arrested for Stealing Your Own Car - 1/27/2011

Life can be full of surprises. Some are fun, some aren't. A man in New York was surprised a few times, none of them in a good way. It all started when he loaned his SUV to his adult son. ...

How To Commit Grand Theft Auto, Drug Possession - 1/27/2011

Have you ever wondered how it is that criminals in the movies always seem to get off scott free after committing multiple crimes in broad daylight and being caught red handed? Did you think that this only happens in the movies? ...

Gary Busey Pulled Over for DUI, Someone Else Gets Arrested - 1/27/2011

About half a dozen officers, witnesses say, appeared on the scene and conducted a field sobriety test on Busey. Despite his weaving driving and apparent disarray, he passed the test and was let go. ...

Driving on a Suspended License Scam - 1/27/2011

The government considers driving to be a privilege which they can revoke at any time. For many offenses, both criminal and civil, a person's drivers license will be suspended as a part of the punishment – even before conviction. ...

Is A Domestic Violence Registry A Good Idea? - 1/27/2011

A state representative in Texas has proposed a bill that would create a domestic violence computer database. It would work much like the sex offender's database, but would be used for chronic domestic violence offenders. ...

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